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Iva Ursano

Hola, thanx for stopping by! My name is Iva and I’m a single mom of a 33 year old amazing son. I love dogs more than I should and one day hope to build a dog shelter here in Guatemala to help with the strays and give them hope for a happier life.

I will be sharing my story of how I left an abusive relationship, declared bankruptcy and hit rock bottom and then how I climbed my way out to a new better life.

I will be starting off the entire event on Monday September 20th at 9:00 am CST (Guatemala time). Please check your time zone. I hope to see you there.

All Lives will be streamed over on my Facebook page here and my YouTube channel here.

I am a retired hairstylist turned freelancer from Northern Ontario Canada living a life of freedom, peace and joy in sunny Guatemala. My two main goals in life are to inspire people around the world with my blogs and to feed hungry little bellies in the poor town I now call home. Check out my website for more inspirational articles and don’t forget to sign up for weekly in your face motivation!  Please also check out my powerful mini self help eBook store You Are Amazing and my new signature course “The 21 Day Life Changing Challenge” is now available. You can use coupon code FROMHELLTOHAPPINESS for 50% off at checkout.

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