Hi I’m Iva. 🙂

Welcome to my passion project From Hell to Happiness. The idea for this event came to me one morning while I was at the gym working out. The strangest thing happened.

I heard a thought, yes heard it, and it simply said

“organize an online event for women-find women to share their trauma stories that they have healed from-in turn they will help other women heal-and oh ya it’s all gotta be free”

Totally crazy, right? Yup.

But I listened to it and thought to myself “well that’s a great freakin’ idea!!! YES I wanna do this”

And From Hell to Happiness was born.

I was honestly SO blown away at how easy it was to find 25 women who wanted to be part of this. I sent out emails, posted and shouted out on my Facebook page and Instagram account and poof! Within 2 weeks I had them all. There were glitches, oh many glitches, but in the end, it all worked out!

As someone who has suffered many traumas throughout her entire life, my main goal is to help as many people as I can heal from whatever demons they are battling. I truly and sincerely want people to live the life they deserve: one of crazy ridiculous joy.

The women who are part of this event have the same vision as I do-help other people heal. It’s truly beautiful and magical and my heart couldn’t be fuller!

I hope the stories you hear and read inspire you, move you, motivate you and help you heal.

From our hearts to yours. xo