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Daphne Helvensteyn

Join Daphne and I Live as she talks about the emotional abuse and the sexual suppression she endured in the relationship with her ex-partner and learn how her way out was not at all as she expected.

Daphne and I will be going Live on Thursday September 23rd at 10:00 am CST (Guatemala time) Please make sure to check your time zone. We hope to see you there.

All Lives will be streamed over on my Facebook page here and my YouTube channel here.

A Dutch tea lover and a Highly Sensitive Person, Daphne has now settled herself in the South of Spain, where she ended up after a four year sojourney volunteering, while also healing her broken soul and finding a place to really belong. For more than a year now she has been living in a little caravan together with her new found love, maintaining the countryside of a friend. In that fragile ecosystem she is busy every day doing what she loves: taking care of the chickens, cats and dogs, harvesting the vegetables from the garden and bio-constructing a tiny home. 

As an avid photographer, she now is collecting her pictures to make a deviation deck, but next to that she is also a transformational writer. Currently working on her first book for rebeldita’s, rebellious women, about personal sovereignty, overcoming the fear of ‘rocking the boat’ and learning to accept that internal ‘forbidden girl’.

On her personal blog Daphne Drinkt Thee (link) she shares stories about inner unrest, inner peace and all that comes with that. You can also follow her adventures on instagram @daphne.drinkt.thee.

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